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LearnToDrill is a Houston-based software company bringing cutting-edge training technologies to well control and safety training. We develop software through our affiliate partner company, LearnToDrill India, based in Mumbai, India. Our India affiliate provides critical software and course development, marketing, and international sales services.

Our global sales partner is RelyOn Nutec.

Our Team

Fenil Shah, CEO

Fenil is a successful serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. In the last two decades, he was involved in the successful launch and growth of two companies. Each business was subsequently acquired by public companies and their products, technologies, and services remain in use today. Fenil was the co-founder and CEO of iSarla Inc. where he developed and marketed iEmployee (www.iemployee.com), a hosted HR and payroll software solution. iSarla was acquired by Asure Software (NASDAQ: ASUR) in 2007. Prior to iEmployee he launched Sarla Software, LLC to develop quality control software and provide IT consulting contract services for users of Ceridian Corporation’s (www.ceridian.com) payroll products. The consulting contract was acquired by Ceridian (NASDAQ:CEN) in 2002.

Ruchir Shah, Head of Business Development

Ruchir Shah is the Co-Founder of LearnToDrill. As former CEO, Ruchir built LearnToDrill’s software solutions, established sales channels, and built a global business. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Energy Studies from Rice University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Vibha Shah, Chief Financial Officer (Part-Time)

As primary owner of the company, Vibha assists with top-level financial decisions and basic accounting. In recent years, she has increased her daily involvement as the company has grown.

Jeff Dumas, Chief Technical Officer

Jeff is a 15 year veteran of the software industry and an early pioneer of Software as a Service solutions expert. He was the key contributor in the development of iEmployee, one of the first cloud computing software services available for the HR/payroll industry. His product development team overcame the early challenges of the Software as a Service platform and was instrumental in the success of iEmployee. Today there are over 40,000 users of the iEmployee hosted time and attendance HRIS system.

Akash Dave, Chief Operating Officer

Akash has over 20 years of experiene managing E-learning and Software as a Service product development efforts in large set-ups, including definition, software development, IT and Quality Assurance. His e-learning experience includes the successful development of many large courses, animations, and simulation projects. He has also spent several years as both a teacher and designer, and brings strong technical background in Physics and Engineering.

Manish Chaurasia, Team Lead

Manish is chief technical lead of the LearnToDrill software development team, where he leads development of all our apps and learning materials on iOS. Manish manages overall development and implementation of our mobile apps.


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