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The BOP portions of our online well control courses explain the blowout preventer in a simple, animated manner that simplifies tough concepts. By the end of these courses, you will have a strong foundation in the blowout preventer system, its components, and its importance in Well Control training.

Course Features

Powerful, Graphical Examples

Complex concepts explained visually through simple, graphical examples from day-to-day life such as the cap on a soda bottle.

See how the BOP works!

Animation to show how every BOP component works both internally and externally. Bring this complex piece of equipment to life!

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Receive a certificate for successfully completing the course!

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1 Blowouts

Defines the blowout and introduces the terrible consequences of an uncontrolled blowout on causing injury to personnel, loss of rig, and harm to the environment. Then, introduces the kick and examines how a kick is caused by pressure differentials and how a kick can turn into a blowout.

Chapter 2 Blowout Preventer(BOP)
Blowout Preventer(BOP)

Conceptually introduces the BOP stack and its importance in shutting-in the well to prevent kicked fluid from reaching the surface. The differences between annular and ram preventers are discussed, using 3D animations to visually demonstrate the unique attributes of each preventer. Ram elements are discussed as well as the role of the drilling spool.

Chapter 3 BOP Accumulator
BOP Accumulator

Teaches the complex concepts of hydraulics and the accumulator system in a manner that is easily accessible to a student with limited engineering background. Delves into the concept behind hyraulic accumulators, letting students properly inderstand the need for adequate, pre-pressurized nitrogen bottles.

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