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Bullheading (IADC Workover and Completions)

Welcome to Bullheading Method Prep Course.
Bullheading is one of the other non-circulating well control methods used to kill the well.
The following scenarios may emerge the need of using a Bullheading Method:
  1. H2S gas is suspected in the formation fluid.
  2. The drill pipe is off the bottom or no pipe in the hole.
  3. The kick pressure is more than the surface pressure.
  4. The normal circulation is not possible.

If you don’t have a fast internet speed, please download the Well Control Simulator App on your iPhone or iPad.

Well Control Simulation (Web version): 

  • Well Control Methods: Bullheading.
  • Get yourself prepared with the Bullheading Method concepts to do well in the Supervisor courses.
  • Learn how to handle and resolve real-world well control events.
  • Check your performance with Graph, Activity and Data logs of the Kill Operation.
In this course, you get 10 Practice Views and 4 Test Views.
To get more views, please contact us at info@learntodrill.com
Disclaimer: This course (or module) complies with curriculum requirements of the International Association of Drilling Contractors’ WellSharp accreditation program.


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