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Drilling Animation Package

This IADC Accredited introductory course is intended for any drilling personnel interested in understanding the basics of drilling and well control. Using modern mobile learning technologies, we believe we have created online well control training that is not only convenient and cheaper but also truly better, stronger learning and as per the newly revised Well Sharp curricula.

Who could use these animations?

Are you a well control training provider? Are you a well control instructor? Are you a drilling professor? Do you work with students who have never visited a rig before? Do you work with experienced students who could benefit from visualizing downhole concepts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could use LearnToDrill’s drilling animation! Our animations bring difficult concepts to life.

Do you work in the drilling industry? Do you ever find it hard to explain to someone what you do? If so, buy our animation package! Our animations work on your smartphone or tablet and can show anyone exactly what you do! You’ll be the coolest person at the next dinner party.

What animations are included in this package?

Our incredible team has developed powerful downhole animations to teach almost every significant drilling and well control concept. You can see a complete list of all our existing animations below (scroll down). This package is focused on land rig animations- our subsea animation package is coming soon.

Our team is constantly building new drilling animation- and we love suggestions! Is there a drilling, equipment, or well control animation you’ve always wanted to see? Get in touch with us at ruchir@learntodrill.com, and there’s a good chance we will build it into our animation library!

Are any of these animations focused on equipment?

Great question, yes! Our animations try to break down every single piece of fundamental Drilling or Well Control equipment to its most basic parts.

For example, we have an entire series of animations focused on the Mud Circulation System. Instead of just showing locations of surface equipment, we use animation to examine the inner workings. In our demo video, you can see our powerful drilling animation of the Vaccuum Degasser that actually shows how the inside works.

Some of our most powerful drilling animation focuses on the Blowout Prevention System (BOP). The annular preventer, pipe ram, blind ram, and blind shear ram are all vividly exhibited through 3D animation. As we talk about in this blog post, drilling animation is the most important part of any well control training program!

Do any of these animations look at what happens downhole?

Once again, great question! We have developed many, many poweful animations that focus on downhole Well Control concepts. Whether it is Swabbing, Surging, or even the effect of Choke Backpressure on Bottomhole Pressure, we have explored many well control concepts through animation. As we discuss in this blog post, being able to visualize what is happening downhole is the most important part of Well Control training.

How can I access these animations?

Just like our well control training online, our animations are also accessible on all devices: smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs. This means you can take them with you- anytime, anywhere!

Coiled Tubing Animations

Coiled Tubing Shear ProcessCoiled Tubing Mud Circulation
Coiled Tubing DeploymentReel Winding
Tubing and LevelwindInjection Bend Cycle
Ejection Bend CycleShear Ram
Pipe RamShear Ram
Blind RamCoiled Tubing Travelling From Service Reel To Injector Head
OvalityInjector Head Chains
Tubing Shear Process

Well Control Animations

BullheadingReverse Circulation
Lubricate and Bleed MethodBringing Pump Online with constant BHP
Successful Flow CheckAdjustable Choke being fully closed
Trapped Pressure at ChokeBOP Control System
Choke BackpressureOpening Choke Balances BHP And FP
Choke ManifoldOil Blowout
Formation Pressure GradientU-Tube Effect
Slug Causing U-Tube EffectLost Circulation
Fluid Level DroppingLost Circulation Causing A Kick
Gas KickSustained Gas Kick
Gas Migration After Shut InMudgas Separator
SurgingSurging Effect
Fast SwabbingEnd of the Volumetric Stripping process
Opening Choke To Reduce PressureIncrease In Choke Backpressure
Wait and Weight MethodVolumetric Stripping Pressure Decrease Portion
Volumetric Stripping Pressure Increase PortionGas Pumped Into Accumulator Bottle
3D To 2DView Of Accumulator BottleLiquid Pumped Into Accumulator Bottle
Single Accumulator Bottle 3D PanningMud Level Rising And Decreasing
Mud Level RisingMudtank360
Volumetric Method AnimationChoke Backpressure
Slug causing Utube Effect

Drilling Animations

Drill BitDrill Bit Nozzles
Drill CollarDrill Pipe
Drill String In DrillingRock Cuttings
Rock Cuttings With MudMud Pump
Mud Transfer From Trip Tank To Strip TankPump Manifold
Mud Pushed DownMud Circulating System
Flow PaddleShale Shaker
DegasserStandpipe Manifold
Adjustable ChokeOil Kick In Circulating Well
Oil Kick In Static WellSustained Oil Kick
Friction Losses During CirculationAnnular Friction Loss With Choke Back Pressure
Shut-InAnnular Preventer
Pipe Ram PreventerBlind Ram Preventer
Blind Shear Ram PreventerBlind Ram Accidentally Closing On Pipe
Tripping Out Without Trip TankTripping Out With Trip Tank
Tripping In With Trip TankSwabbing
Drilling Stopped And Bit Off BottomCirculation Stopped
Well Flowing During Flow Check While Tripping OutWell Not Flowing During Flow Check While Tripping Out.
2D Well Flowing During Flow Check While Tripping OutSustained Flow Check End
Fluid Through HCR Valve With Annular Preventer ClosedFluid Through HCR Valve With Annular Preventer Opened
Animation Of Mud Pressure Shown Using Pump And GaugeAnimation Of Mud Pressure Shown Using Pump And Gauge While Drilling
Depth Of DrillingDesander360
Desilter360Driling Spool
Leak Off Test Pumps Being StartedROP Decrease Animation
ROP Increase AnimationTriptank Level Increase
Paddle Inset

Completions Animation

Completions Operations

Workover/Completions Animations

AcidizingChristmas Tree Choke Valve
Hole In The TubingSliding Sleeve
Packer Installation and PerforationWell Production
Gas Flow Due To Improper CasingHole in the Casing
Ball valve in the tubingPanning through well with valves in place
SandingCasing And Cementing
Selective Nipple letting tools throughSelective Nipple operation
Water ConingWell production
Formation Breaking Leak Off Test Gauge

Snubbing Animations

Stripping Pipe Through Annular PreventerStripping pipe through rams

Wireline Animations

Wireline OperationWireline Lowered into well
Wireline Being Pulled Out Of The WellWireline Blind Ram Pipe Ram
Wireline Blind Ram Pipe RamGrease being pumped into the greasehead
Lubricator TestingPanning downwards over lubricator
Stuffing Box Internal ViewStuffing Box Tightening
Wireline Blind Ram and Shear Ram closed in successionWireline lowered through Stuffing Box
Wireline run into the wellWireline Shut In With Inset

Snubbing Animations

Friction with BlocksFluid pressure felt on all sides

Subsea Animations

Stripping Pipe Through Annular PreventerStripping pipe through rams
Flow By Passing DiverterHeave Of The Drill Ship Only
Drill BitDrill Collar
Drill PipeDrill String In Drilling
Mud Pushed DownMud Pushed Up
Oil BlowoutAFL In Annulus Plus Riser
AFL In Choke LineU Tube Effect
Lost CirculationFluid Level Dropping
Lost Circulation Causing A KickGas Kick
Sustained Gas KickGas Migration After Shut In
Shut In FullAnnular Preventer
Pipe Ram PreventerBlind Ram Preventer
Blind Shear Ram PreventerPipe Ram Preventer Without Inset
Tripping Out With Trip TankTripping In With Trip Tank
Tripping Out Without Trip TankSwabbing
SurgingGas Flow Due To Improper Casing
Drilling Stopped And Bit Off BottomWell Flowing During Flow Check
Well Not Flowing During Flow CheckHCR Valve
Side Outlet ValvesIncrease In Choke Backpressure
Driller’s MethodWait and Weight Method
HydratesDriller’s Panel 3D Panning
Fluid Circulated To Surface Through Riser AnimationHPU Unit & Solenoid Valve
ROV OperationGas Circulation Through Choke Line
Subsea System PanningSubsea Water Depth
Sweeping Subsea StackHeave and Kick Detection
Roll and Kick DetectionPitch and Kick Detection
Gas In The Riser Concept And DangerRemoval Of Gas In The Riser
BOP Control System
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