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Drilling Simulators

Each of our drilling simulators, well control simulators, and well servicing simulators lets you be a real supervisor, driller, or engineer on a rig and handle different drilling, well servicing, and well control problems.


All simulators are accessible on the iPhone/iPad and Laptop (Android coming soon!) and intelligently guided and scored through our virtual, AI instructor.

We give discounts on everything - just email us! Prices go down to less than $10/student if you buy for thousands of workers.

Well Control Simulation

Kick Detection Simulator
Driller's Method Simulator (Surface Stack)
Driller's Method Simulator (Subsea Stack)
Wait & Weight Method Simulator (Surface Stack)
Wait & Weight Method Simulator (Subsea Stack)
Bullheading Simulator
Volumetric Method Simulator
Reverse Circulation Simulator

Drilling Simulation

Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing Simulator
Tripping Simulator
Unberbalanced Drilling Simulator
Managed Pressure Drilling Simulator
Drilling Human Factors Simulator

Well Servicing Simulation

Coiled Tubing Operations Simulator
Wireline Operations Simulator
Snubbing Operations Simulator
Plug and Abandon Simulator
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