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Yes, you’ve read it right. For our students, we have summarized the course contents into a Well Competency App, for theoretical use, and Well Control Simulator, for practical use, which they can keep handy during emergencies on a drilling rig or anywhere needed. It helps them revise their lessons repeatedly which they’ve already learned in our online well control course, and make easier for them to remember and recall in a real time scenario.

Studies have shown that regular practice done by an individual can result in a positive effect on their brain which makes them remember those things for a longer period. Repetition of work is one of the most helpful learning techniques, as it forces your brain to know that a particular chapter or subject is important. Our content analysts have focused on this methodology of eLearning, and the results are outstanding.

The well control simulation app gives real-world experience about driller’s method of killing a well from a shut-in process, recording SIDPP and SICP to resuming a normal drilling, all explained step by step with powerful graphics. Merely attending lectures or reading notes related to drilling training doesn’t make you skilled until you perform that task; it is most effective when people learn by doing. The well control simulator helps the online students to view course content in an attractive and innovative manner, without making them realize that they are basically learning. It gives the student a tool to play that relates a real-time scenario of oil and gas drilling operation but without any chance of the blowout disaster that might occur due to an error. Also, practicing in a relatively safer atmosphere gives the needed self-confidence to work in a real-world scenario. Our team has worked hard to create a replica of the drilling scene which allows the student to feel and understand that environment through their practice and trials.

The aim behind our online drilling training goal is to explore and implement new ideas effectively and make courses easy to understand for the student. After any online training program, it is very critical to remember what they’ve learned throughout during which the course usefulness is valued. We provide training exercises i.e. well control competency app after the student completes their course. That gives them an opportunity to revise the chapters they have learned from the course. Such training activities increase their capability to recollect and remember the content in future.

Providing training opportunities even after completion of the online course to the student is a very much-appreciated method of e-learning. Our well control app for mobiles is like a small book in your pocket which you can open whenever needed to revise yourself!

All our IADC and IWCF accredited driller level, and supervisor level online courses are accessible on personal computers, smartphones, and iPad devices. Happy eLearning!

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