Falck Accreditation Information

All online Well Servicing Fundamental and Supervisory courses are now Falck accredited.

To purchase, please contact Fenil Shah at 508-725-8634 or email us at info@learntodrill.com

Alternatively, you can fill the attached Credit Card form and email us at info@learntodrill.com

The online Supervisory and Fundamental courses are no longer IADC accredited as per the new rule from IADC w.e.f. April 1st, 2018.

So instead of the WellCap certificate, you will be assigned a Falck Completion certificate and a Falck wallet card, after completing the course.

All our courses are Falck accredited which meet all standards under the previously IADC approved/accredited online well control program.

Important highlights about our courses

  1. 1.Contains Interactive learning with 70+ 3D powerful animations for surface and subsea drilling

  2. 2.Our curriculum easily understand the complex drilling concepts

  3. 3.Take the online course anytime and anywhere at your own pace

  4. 4.Can be accessible on Windows, MAC, iOS and Android devices as well

  5. 5.Take final exam online and get an instant Certification.

  6. 6.Our courses also include a Well Control Simulation App that Learn to bring the pumps online while maintaining BHP constant successfully.This will also help you to detect and handle a kill problem!

  7. 7.After you get your certificate, we also provide app logins to the Refresher courses that will help you refresh the Drilling and Well Servicing concepts. New Refresher courses after every two months, for two years.

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us at info@learntodrill.com