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Fall Protection Awareness

32 min.

Falls are a leading cause of workplace injury. Various methods and systems are used to protect workers by preventing falls, and arresting falls as soon as possible if they occur. Identifying fall hazards and selecting the proper type of fall protection are key to keeping employees safe when working at dangerous heights. In accordance with OSHA 1926.500, 1926.501, ANSI z359.1-1992, A10.32-2004 & A14.3-1992

Course Outline

  • When and Where Fall Protection is Required
  • Goals of Fall Protection
  • Passive Fall Protection Systems
  • Active Fall Protection Systems
  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems
  • Positioning Systems
  • Suspension Systems
  • Fall Retrieval Systems
  • Calculating Fall Clearance
  • Inspecting Fall Protection Equipment
  • Fall Rescue

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