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Most Interactive & inexpensive online IADC Well Servicing Training

Here are the different ways our course is better than other Online Well Control Schools:

NoItemsLearnToDrillOther Online Well Control Schools
1Online Course prices25% cheaper than other well control schools. Negotiable with flexible mode of payment based on the user quantity.
2Course AccessibilityAccessible on all devices: Windows, Mac, all browsers and on smart phones and tablets. Offline abilities via native apps.Only works on Windows-based PC with Internet Explorer; must download and save software onto computer. Nothing available offline.
3Refresher AppStudents get one topic every month on their mobile to read, review videos & animations and evaluate by taking quizNo refresher
4Language CapabilitiesEnglish, Spanish, and PortugueseOnly English
5Sharing students’s live experienceActive online Discussion Forum and Chat RoomNo learning from other students
6Glossary for Technical wordsInteractive, auto-linking Glossary within the course, that student can easily access anytime a foreign term is encounteredNot available
7External ContentUses a wide variety of external content from YouTube videos and animations to science lecturesNo external content
8Manual for take awayManual App for Android & IOS. Manual with interactive learning through animations, videos, quizzes and pdf material with unlimited accessPDF manual available by PDF and print copy can be requested
9Access to the Reviewing MaterialMultiple times till the students learn and understand every topic.Once section is completed, student cannot go back and review
10Re-certification reminders with CEU AppCandidates are reminded 30-60-90 days before their certificaion expires through mobile push notificationsNA
11Animation QualityVery high-quality, 3D animations 200+ animations (Surface & Subsea)Good breadth of animations, but in 2D and very simple
12Simulation QualityAn iPad simulator to practice the well control method multiple times with scores and feedback.Have essentially 1 simulation (they say 2) for a simple concept. Frustrating to use, poor graphics, and no what-if learning


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