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Kick Detection

This well control training course examines the most important fluid property changes, kick indicators, and kick warning signs that indicate a kick may have occurred or may occur soon.

Kick Detection is arguably the most important aspect of Well Control training, since early detection and response to a Well Control situation is the key to an easier, safer, and simpler well kill operation. By the end of this course, you should have a strong understanding of the fundamental signs to look for on a rig, when trying to detect a kick or lost circulation situation.

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Course Curriculum

Chapter 1
Fluid Recording
Fluid Recording

Explains the importance of fluid measurement in detecting problems in the wellbore. Introduces the Pit Level Indicator, used to measure the amount of fluid returning to the mud tanks, the Mud Return Indicator, used to measure the speed of fluid returning to the mud tanks, and the Mud Pump Stroke counter, used to count how many strokes of fluid have been pumped into the well.

Chapter 2
Kick Indicators
Kick Indicators

Delves into the different indicators that a kick may have occurred. Introduces the Trip Tank and the role of careful trip tank monitoring in detecting a kick during tripping operations. Also, examines the Flow Check, examining the concept and procedures involved in Flow Checks during both drilling and tripping operations.

Chapter 3 Kick Warning Signs
Kick Warning Signs

Introduces the warning signs that formation pressure is increasing or that we have entered an abnormally pressured formation. Examples include changes in the mud weight of returning drilling mud, increased drilling mud viscosity, and the generation of odd-shaped rock cuttings.

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