Subsea Animations

Package of all our Well Control animations with a focus on a subsea BOP stack for drill ship operations. Coming soon!



Access our package of powerful 3D and downhole animations! Please email ruchir@learntodrill.com to explore using our animations in your classroom.


Primary Well Control

Important well control concepts such as Formation Pressure are complex and rarely explained properly. This course takes the time to use graphics and animations to effectively demonstrate important kick theory concepts.

Blowout Prevention System

Mud Circulation System

This course uses vivid animations to explain the importance of drilling mud and the path it takes in circulating rock cuttings out of the wellbore. By the end of this course, you should have a strong understanding of the fundamental processes involved in drilling a well and the importance of basic drilling equipment.

This course explains the blowout preventer in a simple, animated manner that simplifies tough concepts.

Introduction to Well Control (IADC Wellcap)

This IADC Accredited course is intended for any drilling personnel interested in understanding the basics of drilling and well control. Using modern mobile learning technologies, we believe we have created an online course that is not only convenient and cheaper but also truly better, stronger learning.

Kick Detection Simulation Game: iPad/Android App

Our team is currently developing a well control simulator that teaches students the fundamentals of Kick Detection. Our goal is to develop an informative, educational Well Control tool that is also fun, addictive, and makes Well Control exciting!

Why are we building this? 

One of the most difficult concepts for well control students to understand is kick detection. The faster a kick is detected and responded to, the more easily any problem can be handled. Unfortunately, in real life, these situations can be very rare and students do not get frequent experience with kick detection. A drilling simulator is the perfect solution to this problem.

In classroom Well Control courses, this problem is somewhat alleviated through physical well control simulators that students can perform exercises on to “simulate” a real well situation. However, this creates several challenges.

Firstly, students can only practice on the bulky drilling simulator when they are off the rig and in a classroom- typically once every two years. Secondly, these simulators can be boring and less immersive than the real world- it is difficult for a student to really feel like they are in a real-life situation. Lastly, these simulators- especially the most high-end ones- are very expensive and it is difficult to give enough simulator time to every student who could benefit.

An iOS or Android based Kick Detection game is the solution to this problem. It could let students learn and refresh Kick Detection material anywhere, anywhere from their mobile or tablet device- even on the rig. It could be a fun game! Students could be fully immersed in an exciting game that just happens to also be a drilling simulator and will teach them a tremendous amount about kick detection. And, lastly, it could be a significantly more cost-effective solution when compared with a full-scale simulator.

What concepts will be covered in this game? 

As with any big software project, we envision releasing this game in several stages, with several “levels” that students must complete to successfully master the course concepts. That being said, here is a list of all the concepts we hope to ultimately include as a part of the well control simulator:

1. Fluid Indicators (Pit Drill Game)
2. Detection While Tripping (Trip drill game)
3. Flow Check
4. Drilling Parameters
5. Drilling Mud Changes & Rock Cuttings Changes
6. False Positive Kick Indicators & Distinguishing Kick Indicators from other things

This sounds amazing! How do I get this game?

If you register for our mailing list, we promise to keep you updated on our progress, and we will let you become a beta user and get access to the game before we release it! You can join our mailing list by registering here.

Well Control Methods

This course walks students through the conceptual and practical steps involved in circulating kicked fluid out of the well and resuming normal drilling operations.

Kick Detection

This course walks students through the conceptual and practical steps involved in circulating kicked fluid out of the well and resuming normal drilling operations.

Causes of Kicks

This course explores some of the most significant causes of kicks during drilling and tripping operations.

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