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Here are the different ways our course is better than other Online Well Control Schools:
No Items LearnToDrill Other Online Well Control Schools
1 Online Course prices 25% cheaper than other well control schools. Negotiable with flexible mode of payment based on the user quantity.
2 Course Accessibility Accessible on all devices: Windows, Mac, all browsers and on smart phones and tablets. Offline abilities via native apps. Only works on Windows-based PC with Internet Explorer; must download and save software onto computer. Nothing available offline.
3 Refresher App Students get one topic every month on their mobile to read, review videos & animations and evaluate by taking quiz No refresher
4 Language Capabilities English, Spanish, and Portuguese Only English
5 Sharing students’s live experience Active online Discussion Forum and Chat Room No learning from other students
6 Glossary for Technical words Interactive, auto-linking Glossary within the course, that student can easily access anytime a foreign term is encountered Not available
7 External Content Uses a wide variety of external content from YouTube videos and animations to science lectures No external content
8 Manual for take away Manual App for Android & IOS. Manual with interactive learning through animations, videos, quizzes and pdf material with unlimited access PDF manual available by PDF and print copy can be requested
9 Access to the Reviewing Material Multiple times till the students learn and understand every topic. Once section is completed, student cannot go back and review
10 Re-certification reminders with CEU App Candidates are reminded 30-60-90 days before their certificaion expires through mobile push notifications NA
11 Animation Quality Very high-quality, 3D animations 200+ animations (Surface & Subsea) Good breadth of animations, but in 2D and very simple
12 Simulation Quality An iPad simulator to practice the well control method multiple times with scores and feedback. Have essentially 1 simulation (they say 2) for a simple concept. Frustrating to use, poor graphics, and no what-if learning

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