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Top 10 FREE Oil & Gas Simulator Games

Oil and gas games

In the world of oil and gas, simulator games offer a unique opportunity to experience the challenges of the industry on a virtual environment. Some games are amazing because they're really fun; Others are educational and help you learn important drilling fundamentals!

We have curated these 10 FREE oil and gas simulator games that you can play in your free time to explore drilling, well control, management, and other operations in the Oil & Gas sector.

drilling game

Dive into the world of oil tycoons and build your empire by drilling, refining, and selling oil. Manage resources, invest wisely, and see your oil business thrive. This game has helped students, and folks with 0 knowledge about the oilfield get interested in this field Check this free game app online

Learntodrill game

LearnToDrill's free Drilling Simulator drilling game lets you start drilling, detect different drilling problems, and successfully solve them. Will you prevent oil spills from taking place and successfully drill your hole, or will you cause a disaster that devastates the environment and destroys all your profits? Find out. The best part is you get a free certificate!

learntodrill game 1

LearnToDrill's Well Control Simulator is a more technical drilling game focused on folks who have worked in the oilfield! You're in a drilling situation, and a kick has just occurred. What do you do? Simulate the steps of killing the well through Driller's Method, Wait and Weight Method.

drilling game-2

This exciting drilling game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world of naval warfare. Defend your oil rigs and platforms from devastation by enemy navies, and build your navy using energy resources so you can take over the world.

oil tycoon game

This game is about being an oil tycoon, plain and simple. In this game, you try to do whatever it takes to get rich by exploring oil reserves, taking advantage of the environment around you, and lobbying the political class. It's free and easy to play using your web browser!


Out of all the drilling games on this list, this one is perhaps the most fun. Drill through the ground and avoid monsters to collect minerals and make as much money as possible! It's free as well and easy to play online using your web browser. 6. Drill Deal – Oil Tycoon

drill tycoon

Drill Deal is a fun oil business simulator. Start from a single tiny rig and expand it to a large complex of connected platforms. Optimize & grow your business. Look out for threats like weather, terrorists, fire, and others. Take care of your working crews. 7. Oil Refinery Simulator

oil refinary

Step into the shoes of a refinery manager. Optimize production processes, manage inventory, and ensure quality control in refining operations. Enhance mega construction heavy machinery driving skills in game, to complete tasks in new fun oil refinery simulation games. 8. Oil Spill Response Simulator


Clean up ocean waste in this relaxing & satisfying cozy game! Recycle, earn coins, upgrade your boat, repeat! Explore and clean up new areas with more waste and new challenges! 9. Turmoil


This is a business simulation game inspired by the oil rush in 19th-century North America. Here, you are up against time and rivals on your path to becoming a successful oil entrepreneur. Start raking in the oil money and watch the town grow along with you! 10. Oil Imperium

oil imperium

With multiple objectives and multiple ways to accomplish goals, the player can either run their company like a legitimate business or use less-than-savory techniques to reign supreme in the market

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