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What are some essential skills to enter and succeed in the Oil and Gas Industry?

According to the American Petroleum Institute’s study from 2017, it is revealed that the industry supported a whopping 10.3 million US jobs. This has been increasing by nearly 50,000 folks each year since.

However, not many individuals stay in the Industry. It is a demanding and adventurous career to have, to say the least.

If you are an individual looking to start a career in the Oil and Gas sector, we have put together some essential skills required to have in order to find yourself comfortable in this field!

Although this blog is aimed at Individuals entering specifically the drilling sector, this holds good for the overall O&G industry.

1) Relevant education and training:

Many jobs in the oil and gas drilling industry require specialized knowledge and skills and obtaining a degree or certificate in a relevant field such as engineering or geology can be helpful in finding employment. This may vary from contractor to contractor, however having a basic petroleum degree along with an Industry certification will help you land a good job. For instance, at LearnToDrill we offer IADC/IWCF-accredited Introductory and supervisory courses that can help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

2) Physical stamina:

Many jobs in the oil and gas drilling industry are physically demanding, and the ability to perform manual labor tasks and work in challenging conditions is important.

Depending on the specific job, workers in the oil and gas industry may be required to lift heavy equipment, stand for long periods of time, work outside in extreme weather conditions, and perform other physically demanding tasks.

Examples of such jobs may include Roustabouts and so on.

3) Attention to detail:

Oftentimes, the Industry deals with expensive equipment and tools which can be potentially hazardous if not handled with great attention

Hence, attention to detail is important in the oil and gas drilling industry, as mistakes can have serious consequences.

4) Teamwork:

Like the other sectors, many jobs in the oil and gas drilling industry involve working in teams, and the ability to work well with others is essential.

This article from Forbes discusses the importance of teamwork in achieving a common goal when it comes to the O&G Industry.

5) Problem-solving skills:

As important as it is to be a good team player, it is also important to be a problem solver without needing much help. The oil and gas drilling industry are complex and fast-paced, and the ability to think on your feet and find creative solutions to problems is essential. Although this can develop only with experience in the sector, having an innate skill of curiosity and problem-solving ability will be an asset to your career in the industry.

6) Technical skills:

We are living in a faced paced world, every day the Industry is bringing in new technology like AI, IoT, Advanced equipment, and RADAR and SONAR to reduce time, and cost and to improve efficiency. Thus, depending on your role, you may need to have specific technical skills, such as knowledge of drilling techniques or equipment maintenance. You must be someone who is trainable. This blog deals with the role of the Internet of Things in the O&G Industry

7) Safety awareness:

Safety is a top priority in the oil and gas drilling industry, and a strong awareness of safety protocols and procedures is essential for success. According to the JPT, 20 fatalities in 2021 resulted in a fatal accident rate (FAR) of 0.75. This is so important that the IADC mandates RigPass certification for employees who are about to enter the operating environments, onshore or offshore. At LearnToDrill, you can receive the training and certification of the IADC RigPass course at an affordable price

These are some of the key skills required to enter the Oil and Gas Industry and to become successful. It is also important to understand the specific requirements of a job and the company you are applying for.


If you have any feedback to share, feel free to comment below.

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