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Visualizing Well Control

The most challenging aspect of well control training is visualization. There are so many complex concepts that need to be explained to students who often have very limited previous science background. Even for an experienced engineer, there are many well control concepts that are difficult to visualize because they are so abstract and thousands of feet underground. With the implementation of the new Well Control Institute, students may soon be required to maintain proficiency through continuing education units (CEUs) on an annular, quarterly, or perhaps even monthly basis!

In classroom well control training, many students become experts on the rig floor. They become experts on what is happening at the surface. But, to really understand well control, you need to understand what is happening deep, deep downhole, thousands of feet underground. The only way to properly visualize what is happening deep underground is through animation. Learn to Drill has developed many downhole animations that focus on increasing student understanding of fundamental well control concepts. We are not just going for flashy effects; our goal is to use cutting-edge animation technology to explain and portray complex concepts in an easy to understand manner. These animations are a part of our well control training online.

For example, when explaining the Mud Circulation System, Learn to Drill has been able to showcase every single concept through animation. From the internal workings of the standpipe and choke manifolds to mud being pushed down the drill pipe, to mud coming out of the drill bit nozzles, to mud being pushed up the annulus and into mud cleaning equipment. Every single portion of the mud circulation system is shown in a powerful visual manner. Visualization of this continuity is necessary for students to properly understand all of the fluid indicators of a kick.

Similarly, Learn to Drill has animations that show Oil Kicks and Gas Kicks, including animation of Boyle’s Law in the wellbore: as a gas kick migrates upwards. Not to mention, very difficult to visualize concepts such as Swabbing and Surging. Animation is perfect to show these concepts. Perhaps the most difficult to visualize- and most fundamental- well control concept is the impact of the adjustable choke on bottomhole pressure. Many well control schools will simply gloss over this idea, but, to really understand and visualize the concept, Learn to Drill has developed a powerful series of animations that show vividly how the closing of the adjustable choke can significantly increase backpressure on the bottom of the hole.

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