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Welcome to the well control simulation courses!

  • Accessible for Practice on iPhone, iPad, and Web.
  • Prep courses will help you to prepare yourself for the future well control training.
  • Refresh courses will help you to refresh your past training in well control courses.
  • Learn how to handle and resolve real-world well control events.
  • IADC simulator is available with supervisor level IADC accredited courses.

Transform how you do Well Control. Check out our demo and contact us today!

Simulation Courses

All IADC Supervisory Well Control Simulations (Driller’s Method, Wait and Weight, and Bullheading)
Driller’s Method (IADC WellSharp)
Wait and Weight Method (IADC WellSharp)
Bullheading (IADC Workover and Completions)
All IADC Driller Well Control Simulations (Detecting a Kick, Shutting in the Well)


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