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Our team has built versions of all our Well Control animations that are offshore focused! This new subsea animation package includes a 3D Drill Ship setup, an ROV, a riser, subsea wellhead, and subsea BOP. This package can bring a lot of value to offshore drilling workers and students who want to be able to visualize offshore animation in more detail.

Why these animations?

Even more than on a land rig, animation can provide tremendous value to offshore workers! Such a substantial amount of equipment offshore is located deep, deep underwater. Subsea animation can let students visualize equipment and actions both downhole as well as deep underwater. Our animation package aims to provide these students with a powerful visualization of what is happening thousands of feet underwater.

How are animations accessible?

For any drilling contractors, well control instructors, or well control schools interested in using these animations in their classroom, they are available via an online animation package. In addition, these animations are available in our App for the iPhone, iPad, and Android so that any drilling worker can purchase the animations for an easy review on the rig itself.

Download our Drilling Animations App here!

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