Not sure about a LearnToDrill.com course? Hear from some of our recent students!

“Clear, well-presented, and helpful! Was able to get my IADC certificate on an Andoid tablet at the rig site.”

-Ricky Hall, Roughneck, Australia


“I am old school oilfield, a 45 year veteran and I am certified as an IADC and IWCF well control instructor. I am always looking for new and improved ways to get the personnel adequately trained and prepared for the oilfield and what you have is very good for entry level and junior personnel. Did I mention that what impressed me the most is the animations, this is the way to demonstrate, not on a whiteboard or PPT presentation, animations – more animations.  I applaud you for the content and effort.

-Stan Herring, IADC and IWCF Well Control Instructor, Australia, Indonesia


“I took an online Well Control Course from LearnToDrill.com. The course provided me with an in-depth level of knowledge at the Introductory Level of IADC Well Control Certification. The course planning and presentations were very good and I was able to complete the program at a very good period of time and with consistent level of understanding the underlying concepts of well control. The icing in the cake is that it is an IADC accredited Well Control Course/Certification.”

-Godwin Chidiebere Nwafor, WellSite Field Supervisor, Nigeria


“I took a Well Control course online through LearnToDrill.com.  It was a great refresher for an experienced hand like myself and I believe would be a GREAT learning tool for someone trying to grasp a better understanding of what is going on downhole. The graphics are amazing!! It really opens up opportunities for better understanding of downhole problems and how to better recognize problems early.”

-Brandon Mustain, Derrickhand, Alaska


“Having no previous experience in the oil field, this course gave me a great introduction to the fundamentals of drilling and well control. I found it very interesting and informative.”

-Erik Lucks, Drilling Rig Job Seeker, Florida


“I learned a tremendous amount through this course and was able to take it on my laptop at the rig site. Every section was thought provoking and very informative. I am delighted to have had this opportunity.”

-Latifu Kabiru Abiodun, Field Service Engineer, National Oilwell Varco, Nigeria


“Great course. Was able to easily complete the course from my home and update my IADC certification”

-Kenny Austin, Drilling Consultant, Texas


“Very detailed course; I learned a LOT. I feel that I am that much closer to becoming a Drilling Supervisor. Thank you so much!

-Tom Purdy, Geologist, North Dakota


“I’m a derrickman for an oil & gas company in the UK. When I got asked to do the course I thought it was going to be another one of the long boring courses we do all the time. To my surprise it was really helpful and enjoyable. I’ve done the IWCF a couple of times now which is a little harder but really recommend this course before you do the IWCF. The videos and animations really made life a lot easier and would recommend this course to the likes of floor hands/derrickhands. Really glad I did it.

-Bobby Moore, Derrickman, England


One of the most challenging online course. I loved the convenience of being able to do it from home since we live in western Oklahoma it is normally at least a 2 hour drive to anywhere these classes are given. He did incur some technical issues during the simulator and had to restart it on another device. Thank you for making this an option to where he didn’t have to find and wait for a well control school to be put on the calendar and he could just get it done.

-Joey Rippetoe


The course was exciting and I learnt a lot! I got a better understanding of the Well control concepts by just sitting at home. Overall the course was excellent.

-BATCHI-BOUYOU Donald Kevin, Pointe Noire, Congo

//new feedbacks

Course was nice and in great depth definitely glad I was able to do this at my pace around working my normal schedule

-Brian Buenting, Operations Manager, Leader Energy Services LLC


I enjoyed the course!

-Rafig Ahmadov, FS, slb


This course was excellent on touching on all subjects related to our field. The quizzes prepare you for the final exam and the simulator was awesome!

-Daniel Wade, Completions Consultant.


More Informative on the subjects that I needed.

-Jake Rochell, Completions Consultant, Rocking JR Consulting Inc.


This coarse is great for the working man. Work at your own pace. At the rig or on the road. You can get certified without that classroom boredom and that three hour time limit. It’s was great.

-Robert Maurer


I liked the course because it was informative, I could go back on the modules and repeat things I didn’t understand

-Tim Malbouef, Consultant


I loved the refresher material.

-Justin Tykol, Schlumberger Wireline


The course is so cool. I liked so much the animations and the explanations.

-Iago Barbosa.


Great learning platform!! Just what I needed for my busy schedule. I was able to do it at my own pace, if distracted I would stop and return when focused.

-tim singley, Production Superintendent, EOG Resources


Great course. The visual and descriptive content was really effective in giving a clear understanding of overall well control topics.

-Robert Hallingham, Assistant Derrickman, Parker Drilling Canada Company


Refreshing knowledge!

-Thomas Decker, Consultant, Alpha Oil & Gas Consulting.


The overall concept of the rig and the operations that go into pulling hydrocarbon out of the formations. Very informational and helpful.

-tye roberts.


Being able to do it on my own time and pace, very easy to follow along.

-Andres Duran, Completions supervisor, Sierra Hamilton


I liked the fact i was able to take the course at my own pace.

-lance foster, consultant, LMOE production services LLC


It’s a great course, do it at your own speed anywhere. You can complete it in a few days if needs be.

-Brian Strachan, Subsea Supervisor, BJS


Course was tiring but not overwhelming. I enjoyed revisiting a lot of things I thought I forgot through all these years in the industry.

-Kevin Callahan, Sr. Technical Sales Rep


Well structured course. Gives you a good introductory overview.

-Ananomyous, Captain/Master, Noble Drilling


I liked the ability to take the course and still work. I didn’t have to take a week off to go to school.

-Chris Tiller, completions/workover supervisor, CLT Consulting LLC


Being able to take it from my house.

-Doug Rubick, Engineering Consultant, Petroleum Consultants


I liked the ease of use. Also, the updated pictures and animation were good.

-Bruce Cambron, BOE Ltd. Co.


The convenience of doing this course at home, at my own speed is very beneficial.

-Jack Kennedy, Consultant, Jackal Consulting Inc.



-William Ihrig.


I enjoyed the course very much. It allowed me to be at home and not away and staying in a hotel. We all do too much of that anyway. I recommend it!!

-Daniel Quick.

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