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If you’re at this page, you may be deciding between our online IADC Well Control Well Servicing training and our competitor’s! Our courses are not only cheaper and more convenient, but a LOT better.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out testimonials from some of the 1500+ students who have taken our courses in the past year.

Here are the different ways our course is better:


Our course is cheaper!

Our online IADC Well Servicing courses are significantly cheaper than our competitor’s! The courses are priced about 25% cheaper, including all certificates fees. We will try and match any price you bring us!


Our courses are available in many languages!

Our courses are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese with translations to Chinese, Russian, and Arabic on the way! Our competitors only have English.

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Introductory -level content

Our IADC Well Servicing courses are perfect even if you have NO previous oil and gas background!

Our well control training, even at the Supervisory level, is designed to assume no previous knowledge. Every new term, topic, and concept is explained. Even a beginner with no previous oil and gas background should be able to pass an IADC exam.

Unique, powerful visual for every slide

Our IADC courses have unique graphics and animations on every slide!

We explain every single concept with a unique graphic, animation, or picture. There are some concepts for which we have entire online lessons filled with pictures and animations (see example here)that are explained by our competitor in 1 text-filled slide.

Higher quality of instruction design

Our IADC courses are focused on learning, not just accreditation!

Our courses are focused on teaching, not just accreditation. For every single concept, we take the time to make sure the student completely understands the concept, is tested on it, and is able to use it. Our competitor is frequently providing just a dictionary instead of a course.

Substantially stronger animations and graphics

Our well control graphics are more detailed, more powerful, and much higher quality!

Our graphics and animations are cutting-edge, focused on teaching every concept, not just flash. They are also 3-dimensional and very detail-oriented, unlike our competitors.

More interactive lessons

Our IWCF course keeps you engaged and makes well control FUN!

Our competitor’s well control course is not at all interactive- most of the content is taught in a massive text block where the student must just read, like a textbook. This leads to bored students who in turn learn less and remember less later on.

Instead of just telling a student the answer to a well control formula or explaining a well control example, LearnToDrill lets the student walk through the entire lesson interactively by answering questions and engaging in well control calculations. As a result, the student learns a lot more while experiencing a real life well control situation.

Many more quiz questions- ability to pass IWCF exam

Our well control course WILL prepare you better for the IWCF exam!

Our course incorporates many, many more quiz questions than our competitors- not just at the end of each massive module, but sprinkled throughout the course at 60 different times.

IWCF quiz questions throughout the course keep the student constantly learning, improve retention, and help them be able to adequately pass an IWCF Final Exam.

More ways for students to ask questions

Our IWCF course makes sure ALL your questions are answered!

Our well control school offers students multiple ways to ask questions or gather feedback. They can email or call our center, they can talk to our instructor in a chat room for weekly office hours, and they can post in our online discussion forum.

Accessible to more students

Our IWCF course can truly be taken anywhere, anytime!

Our well control training works on all devices and platforms- PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and all browsers. It also loads quickly with a futuristic LMS.

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