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University Partnerships

LearnToDrill.com is proud to announce a new initiative directed specifically at universities, technical colleges, and petroleum engineering programs all across the world. Acknowledging that many schools do not have the financial ability to afford all our materials, we would like offer some of our materials free of charge to all academic institutions. 

Benefits to university programs

1. Learning built for Millenials

Today’s college students learn best on smartphones and tablets. Our courses let students learn material and refresh concepts on the iPad, iPhone, Android as well as online from any laptop.

2. Visual Learning (Animations!)

Our drilling equipment and downhole animations let students visualize difficult concepts. Especially for students who have never visited a rig, visual animations are invaluable!

3. Interactive Learning

Our 360-Degree rotation tools let students examine different pieces of equipment from all angles and click on them. See an example here: Drill Bit Rotation

4. IADC Certificates for students

Student could gain an IADC Well Control certificate through our online course, gaining important certification neccesary to spending extended time on a rig or getting an oil field job.

5. Video Game Learning

The best learning is through simulations and video games. Our new Kick Detection Game is being built as an app for the iPad and Android.

What can our university get for free?

1. Free Animations for use in the classroom (25 Free Animation Views for use in the classroom)

The desired animation views can be chosen from our Land Animations Package and Subsea Animations Package

2. Free access to the Introduction To Drilling course for all students for the duration of their enrollment ($100 value/student). This course includes modules and animations providing an Introduction to Drilling, overview of Basic Drilling Equipment, and overview of the Mud Circulation System

3. All students recieve a 50% discount on our full online IADC Well Control class ($150 value/student)

How much does this cost?

All of this is absolutely free! All we ask in return is that you mention (and thank!) us on your website with a link to LearnToDrill.com where students can learn more about our courses.


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