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Well Control Manual App

Interested in taking a Falck Safety Services classroom Well Control course? Check out our animated Well Control Manual app (App Stores: Well Control Competency), accessible on all popular smartphone and tablet devices. Take your instructor led well control course to the next level! Free with the purchase of any Falck Safety Services Well Control course.

Also check out our Well Control Simulator app


WellSharp Prep Course

Been two years since your last Well Control class? Download our app before your Falck Well Control course and go through our WellSharp Prep course. Refresh basic rig math and equipment fundamentals to make sure you’re completely ready when you get to the classroom!

Interactive Classroom

No more paper or annoying flash drives during class. Download all Falck Well Control homework and manuals onto your smartphone or tablet device for easy access and review during your week of training. Use our handy quiz application to go through your homework and screenshot questions for later instructor review.

Two Year Competency Program

After class, you still need to remain competent in Well Control concepts for two whole years in the field! Our App pushes training materials (videos and quizzes) to your mobile device every two months until you come back to the classroom two years later. Refresh every Well Control concept and get reminded with phone and tablet notifications, so Well Control training when you come back is a breeze. And, you’ll be ready for any well control emergency that comes your way!


Why should a well control manual be an app?

In our digital age, everything is accessible on mobile devices. Email. Weather. GPS. Cameras. Calendars. Why is the well control manual still stuck in the stone age? While Well Control manuals in book form or Well Control manuals as PDFs are good tools, why settle for something that is not the best?

Through our smartphone and tablet based Well Control manual, you can have your Well Control school accessible to you at all times, anywhere you are. You can read and review Well Control text, pictures, graphics, animations, and even take quiz questions and exams- right from your mobile device! You can truly have a well control training program in your pocket.

We built this manual because we believe in the power of mobile technology to improve well control training and enhance worker competency. We built this manual as the well control school of the future — a well control school in your pocket.

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