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Well Control Methods

This course focuses on the steps and procedures involved in Well Control Methods, especially constant bottomhole pressure methods, that remove a kick from the well and let us resume normal drilling operations. Take this course for a refresher of fundamental well control methods.

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The concept of bottomhole pressure methods- and the specifics of several methods- explained through powerful graphics, downhole animations, and vivid examples.

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Course Curriculum

Chapter 1 Shut-in Concept
Shut-in Concept

Provides a detailed, step-by-step conceptual understanding of the impact of well shut-in on underground pressures. Using the example of a bottle cap, explains how shutting-in the well makes bottomhole pressure automatically equal to formation pressure.

Chapter 2 Shut-in Procedure & Verification
Shut-in Procedure & Verification

Defines the importance procedures involved in the well shut-in process, during both drilling and tripping operations. Also explains the importance and procedure involved in verifying that the well has successfully been shut-in.

Chapter 3 Recording Parameters
Recording Parameters
Explains the three most important parameters that need to be recorded after shut-in: Shut in Drill pipe Pressure (SIDPP), Shut in Casing Pressure (SICP), and Estimated Pit Gain. Walks through the importance of SIDPP and SICP in understanding Formation Pressure and explains why SIDPP is generally lower than SICP.
Chapter 4 Constant BHP Methods
Constant BHP Methods
Introduces, conceptually, the importance and power of constant bottom hole pressure well kill methods. Explains how maintaining constant bottomhole pressure can prevent additional kicks, lost circulation, and surface pressure problems. Explains how turning on the Pump can increase bottomhole pressure and risk a kick, while opening the adjustable choke can reduce pressure when needed.
Chapter 5 Kill Methods
Constant BHP Methods
Explains the two major Kill Methods: Driller’s Method and the Wait and Weight Method- indicating the major differences, the pros and cons of each method, and the respective steps involved in properly executing each method.

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