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Welcome to the well control simulator of the future! Meets IADC guidelines for use in WellSharp Well Control courses. Accessible for Practice on iPhone, iPad, and Laptop. Accessible for assessment through a multiplayer setup in the classroom that includes an attached choke.
Our simulator lets students practice simulations before class and in the field, leading to higher pass rates and better well control preparedness.

Why are we the best Well Control simulator?

Classroom Simulator at a fraction of the cost

Accessible on iPhone, iPad, and Laptop so easily transportable. Traveling school? No problem!

Pay a simple monthly subscription fee at the fraction of the cost of those other simulator manufacturers.

One Student, One Simulator – Before, During, and After Class

Well Control is all about practice – practicing makes perfect! With our simulator, have one simulator for every single student that they can practice with in the classroom. And that’s not all – join hundreds of happy clients who use our simulator for students to prepare before class, practice during class, and refresh simulation exercises, in the field, throughout the 2-year well control training cycle.

New, exciting features added every month

We’re brand new to well control simulation, and we have a very exciting vision. We’re working on a joystick that can be hooked up to be a choke. We’re working on Siri integration for the Supervisor to say “Siri, give me 10 strokes”. And we’re building a ton of new simulations – Wireline, Coiled Tubing, Snubbing, and Managed Pressure Drilling all coming soon!

Buy our simulations

Buy our simulations online. Use them on your iPhone, iPad, or Laptop.

Simulation Courses

All IADC Supervisory Well Control Simulations (Driller’s Method, Wait and Weight, and Bullheading)
Driller’s Method (IADC WellSharp)
Wait and Weight Method (IADC WellSharp)
Bullheading (IADC Workover and Completions)
All IADC Driller Well Control Simulations (Detecting a Kick, Shutting in the Well)


What simulations does this simulation cover?

The simulator covers all IADC required simulations for the Driller and Supervisor Level Drilling, Workover/Completions, and Well Servicing Well Control courses. This includes Driller’s Method, Wait and Weight Method, and Bullheading with kill problems.

Specifically, the Supervisor Level simulation contains the following simulations: Line Up BOP panel, Line Up Choke Panel, Line Up Standpipe Manifold, Line Up Choke Manifold, Line Up Trip Tank, Check/Set BOP Pressures, Perform Kill Sheet Calculations, Line up Pits, Pumps, and Valves, Adjust Pit Levels, Communicate Kill Plan, Carry Out Kill (Potential Complications = Nozzle Plugging, Nozzle Washout, Choke Plugging, and Choke Washout).

The Driller Level simulation contains a similar set of simulations, including kill problems during Shut-In that include BOP closing around a tool joint, Pump Leak, Choke Leak, and BOP closing problems.

Our system is very robust – let us know if there are simulations you’re interested in that we do not currently cover!

What do I need to run the simulator?

You can run our simulator on any iPhone or iPad (from the app store) or any other device with online access (using our website). That’s all!

What do I get for the price?

You get access to the simulation for an entire year for one student. The student can use the simulation on any devices of their choice, including iPad, iPhone, or the Web. To make sure only one student accesses the simulation, we limit the number of times the simulation can be used. If you run out of simulation uses, please contact us and we can give you more.

Are there any discounts for groups or universities?

Yes! We offer discounts for companies, groups, and universities. Please contact us at info@learntodrill.com to learn more.

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