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Snubbing Operations  - Supervisory Level

This online training meets all standards of the previously accredited IADC WellCap Well Control program.

Currently, IADC WellSharp(supervisory) is an In-person training and thus no longer certifies this course. If you take this course, you will receive a LearnToDrill certificate. 

As a consultant or field provider, a LearnToDrill Well Control certificate must be sufficient for your needs. Since the course is fully online, highly praised, and very convenient, it is of great value.

Course Objective 


The Snubbing operations course is designed to equip engineers and field operators with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and execute these specialized operations effectively.

This course aims to Equip supervisory technicians with advanced knowledge and skills in snubbing operations, including techniques, safety protocols, equipment management, and troubleshooting, to effectively lead and oversee snubbing operations on oil and gas wells.

What does this course offer


Certificate of completion

Receive a certificate of completion in Well Control.
Available to print or email immediately after course completion.

simulator free

Free Online Simulator 

Get Well Control Simulator for free.
This $400 simulator has been launched globally by Chevron, and it's a great way to get hands-on practice and prepare for higher well control levels.  

video animations

300+ 3D, Downhole Animations

300+ Downhole and equipment animations to teach every important Well Control concept! Visualize complex effects, “play” with equipment, and learn through well control calculations and interactive lessons.

Course Catalogue 

1) Servicing Fundamentals
2) Pressure
3) Well Process & Equipment
4) Causes and Detection of Kicks
5) BOP & its fundamentals
6) Snubbing operations advanced
7) Kick Procedures
8) Constant BHP methods

9) Other kill methods

10) Complications

11) Well Control Simulator (FREE)

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