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Tech makes oil & gas more sustainable.

We're a passionate group of people with a simple mission: to make energy production safer and more environmentally sustainable through technology

Today, oil & gas is the biggest energy source in the world. We believe the path to a safe, sustainable energy future starts with a safer, more sustainable oil and gas industry. 

Drilling can be very dangerous and expensive. During the 2010 Macondo Oil Spill, 11 people died, the companies involved lost $100 billion dollars, and the fallout decimated the environment. One of the biggest issues behind this incident was ineffective training. LearnToDrill was founded based on this inspiration: can we use cutting-edge training technology to help prevent environmental disasters in oil & gas? 


Today, our gamified simulations and online courses train thousands of people in the oilfield through their mobile phones, in the field. Our clients include many of the largest oil companies. And our products are actively preventing oil & gas disasters on a daily basis. 

In the future, we plan to go beyond oil & gas to provide simulation-based safety training to the wind, solar, and nuclear worlds. Our vision is a world where all energy production is safe, environmentally sustainable, and inexpensive for everyone to benefit from.

If you're passionate about our mission, we're always looking for people to join our team! Hit us up at

CEO -Ruchir Shah
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