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Refresh Drilling & Well Control with an AI instructor

Traditional: You go to the simulator.
Digital: The simulator comes to you.

  • Download from the App Store

  • iPhone/iPad, Laptop, Android (coming soon)

  • Connect any cable to project

  • Use Bluetooth for multi-user 

No instructor? No problem.

  • Every IADC & IWCF simulation

  • Animated, video tutorials

  • AI instructor with hints & "smart " guidance

  • Automated scoring

Are your workers competent?
No more guessing.

  • Keep workers refreshed, in the field

  • Get a monthly report on student competency

  • Say goodbye to lost time & blowouts

What simulations does the simulator cover?

The guided simulator covers all IADC required simulations for the Driller and Supervisor Level Drilling, Workover/Completions, and Well Servicing Well Control courses. This includes Driller’s Method, Wait and Weight Method, Bullheading. and Kick Detection with kill problems.

Specifically, the Supervisor Level simulator contains the following simulations for both Driller's Method and Wait & Weight Method: Line Up BOP panel, Line Up Choke Panel, Line Up Standpipe Manifold, Line Up Choke Manifold, Line Up Trip Tank, Check/Set BOP Pressures, Perform Kill Sheet Calculations, Line up Pits, Pumps, and Valves, Adjust Pit Levels, Communicate Kill Plan, Carry Out Kill (Potential Complications = Nozzle Plugging, Nozzle Washout, Choke Plugging, and Choke Washout).

The Driller Level drilling simulator contains a similar set of simulations, focused on lining up and starting normal drilling operations, detecting a kick warning a sign, detecting a kick indicator, and handling kill problems during Shut-In that include BOP closing around a tool joint, Pump Leak, Choke Leak, and BOP closing problems.

The Bullheading workover simulator includes preparing a kill sheet, lining up the christmas tree, pumping in the annulus, and killing the well. 

Our system is very robust – let us know if there are simulations you’re interested in that we do not currently cover!

What new well control simulations and features are you working on? 

We’re brand new to well control simulation, and we have a very exciting vision. We’re working on a joystick that can be hooked up to be a choke. We’re working on Siri integration for the Supervisor to say “Siri, give me 10 strokes”. And we’re building a ton of new simulations – Wireline, Coiled Tubing, Snubbing, and Managed Pressure Drilling all coming soon!

Is your well control simulator approved by the IADC & IWCF for use in the classroom as a replacement to traditional simulators?

Yes! If you are a training provider or in-house instructor at an operator or contractor, check out our IADC/IWCF accredited simulator page to learn more. 

Do you have any happy clients or testimonials about your simulator?

We do! Chevron was our development partner, and they have launched our simulator globally across the entire workforce. We have several other companies using our simulator in the field. Email us an for more detailed testimonials and information about our clients. 

Can you do custom work for my specific rig, company, or field?

Yes, absolutely! Our system is cloud-based with modern technologies on mobile devices. We can do custom work for your panels, your rig, your procedures, or your wells quickly and inexpensively.

How much does the refresher well control simulator cost?

Our pricing depends on how many students your company is using the simulator for. Depending on the number of students, pricing can go down to $20/student/year. Email us at for more details.

You get access to the simulation for an entire year for one student. The student can use the simulation on any devices of their choice, including iPad, iPhone, or Laptop. To make sure only one student accesses the simulation, we limit the number of times the simulation can be used. If you run out of simulation uses, please contact us and we can give you more.

We offer discounts for companies, groups, and universities. Please contact us at to learn more.

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