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Workover/Completions/Coiled Tubing/Snubbing (Supervisory)

This online class meets all standards of the previously approved IADC WellCap Well Control program. However, the IADC has stopped certifying this class. If you take this course, you will receive a LearnToDrill certificate, not an IADC certificate. 

As a consultant or field provider, a LearnToDrill Well Control certificate may be sufficient for your needs. Since the course is fully online, highly praised, and very convenient, it may be of value to you.

learntodrill certificate

Receive a LearnToDrill certificate

Receive a certificate of competency in Well Control from LearnToDrill. Available to print or email immediately after course completion.

choke panel simulator

Mobile Simulator included with course

Take a LearnToDrill well control course, and we'll include our refresher Well Control Simulator. Our simulator has been launched globally by Chevron, and it's a great way to get hands-on practice and prepare for higher well control levels.   

drill bit

300+ 3D, Downhole Animations

300+ Downhole and equipment animations to teach every important Well Control concept! Visualize complex effects, “play” with equipment, and learn through well control calculations and interactive lessons.

What will I learn?

The course covers all material required under the previously approved IADC Wellcap well control program.

Will I get a Well Control certificate?

After successfully completing the course and achieving a passing grade on the final exam you will receive a LearnToDrill certificate at the Supervisory level in Wireline. This certificate is recognized across the globe.

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