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Bullheading Simulator

In this simulation, our virtual instructor guides a student through killing a well using the Bullheading Method. All procedures are scored automatically for a Workover/Completions course.

Each of our well servicing simulators includes access for 1 student for 1 year to go through the simulation as many times as desired. Purchasing gives you access to both the Offline version on your iPad/iPhone and the Web version on your PC/Laptop 

View Bullheading Kill Sheet

Assess key parameters and analyze data for the Bullheading operation


Line up Christmas Tree for the annulus

Line up the Christmas Tree to apply backpressure on the annulus. 


Pump Fluid into the Annulus

Pressurize the annulus.


Line up Christmas Tree for the tubing

Line up the Tree to bullhead the well.


Kill the well using a bullhead

Pump fluid into the well and monitor well pressures

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