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IADC RigPass Training aims to promote awareness-level orientation training for safe land-based and offshore operations.

This 8- hour rig pass course lays the foundation & urges workers ways to protect themselves, co-workers, the public, and the environment.

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About the IADC RigPass Training

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Who needs the RigPass training?

RigPass training is designed for individuals involved in oil and gas activities, focusing on safety, compliance, and operational protocols.


It's also tailored for workers, contractors, subcontractors, and service providers engaged in various aspects of rig activities, emphasizing safety, compliance, and operational protocols.

This is the previously called SafeGulf/SafeLand training.

Course catalog of IADC RigPass course

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General Safety Part
This module addresses general safety principles, alcohol and drug policies, and procedures for reporting and assisting in workplace accident investigations.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
This module emphasizes the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on oil or gas rigs. 

Hazard Communication
This module covers chemical labeling, safety data sheets, and effective communication of dangers.

Occupational Health
This module covers topics such as workplace health hazards, industrial hygiene, and bloodborne pathogens. 

Fire Safety
This module provides essential training on preventing, identifying, and responding to fire hazards in the oil and gas industry. 

Materials Safety
This module addresses the safe handling, storage, and transportation of materials in the oil and gas industry. 

Emergency Response
This module covers evacuation procedures, first aid, and the use of emergency response equipment. 

Specialized Work Procedures
This module covers procedures related to specialized equipment, operations, and job-specific safety protocols.

Rig/Platform Safety Responsibilities
This module covers the protection of personnel, assets, and the environment, emphasizing proactive safety measures. 

Platform Arrival Procedures and Environment Regulations
This module covers platform-specific arrival protocols, safety measures, and environmental regulations. 

Offshore endorsement
This module covers offshore-specific safety procedures, emergency response protocols, and environmental considerations. 

Land Endorsement
This module covers safety procedures, emergency response protocols, and specific considerations for land operations. 

Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) Awareness
This module covers elements such as safety policies, environmental considerations, and regulatory compliance. 

Verify your RigPass certificate

If you have been certified by LearnToDrill or any other training school, you can verify your certification.

Here is the link ---> IADC Lookup

Or, you can email or call +1 713 600 1848 for assistance.

Customer Reviews

This is the best online safety website in the industry. You get more bang for your buck with RigPass. It’s the only Safeland “do it @ your own pace” course that I could find online.


Nugent Moses

Awesome training that effectively helps to build your capacity in the energy sector.  Training will help you get promoted.


Timothy Wright

This training was very beneficial, it was a comprehensive, in-depth overview of basic safety and introduction to rig operations. To the experienced rig workers, like us, it serves as a refresher to many of the activities we do, to new or first time visitors going to rig

John Adams

I have taken the RigPass course from them and I'm super thankful for the discount i got. the certification was within 24 hours. thx learntodrill!


Okawane Spivey

Frequently Asked Questions

What certificates will I receive?

After completing our online RigPass course, you will receive an official IADC Rig Pass certificate of accreditation. In addition, your certificate will include a SafeGulf logo to demonstrate your competency in SafeGulf principles.

What is the policy regarding refunds once a student is enrolled?

Email for refunds related enquiry

How long is the rigpass course access?

This course is valid for 90 days after purchase. But if you need it extended, shoot us an email

What endorsements are available for the training series?

The training series offers endorsements for OffshoreLand, OnlyOffshore, and more options are available.

Am I eligible for a discount?

We offer discounts for International students, bulk enrollments and for students! Just reach out to us -

What are the different formats available for the training series?

There are three formats available - Online Certification for both Land and Offshore, Online Certification for Land Only, Online Certification for Offshore Only

Want to learn more about this course? - Read our detailed blog!

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