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IADC WellSharp Well Servicing Operations – Introductory Level

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Course Objective of IADC Well Servicing Well Control - Intro


This e-learning course is designed to address the specific needs of personnel involved in well servicing operations, ensuring they possess the required competencies for their roles.

It covers essential topics such as well intervention techniques, equipment utilization, safety protocols, and industry best practices

What does this course offer?


IADC certificate of accreditation

Receive a certificate of competency in Well Control from the IADC.
Available to print or email immediately after course completion.

simulator free

Free Online Simulator 

Get Well Control Simulator for free.
This $400 simulator has been launched globally by Chevron, and it's a great way to get hands-on practice and prepare for higher well control levels.  

video animations

300+ 3D, Downhole Animations

300+ Downhole and equipment animations to teach every important Well Control concept! Visualize complex effects, “play” with equipment, and learn through well control calculations and interactive lessons.

Get Enrolled online

Take the 24 hr training

Take the IADC  exam online

Get certified from anywhere

Who needs this IADC WellSharp Well Servicing training?


The IADC Introduction to Well Servicing course is beneficial for a wide range of professionals within the oil and gas industry. This includes:

  1. Drilling and Well Servicing Personnel: Engineers, technicians, and supervisors involved in drilling and well servicing operations.

  2. Oil and Gas Industry Professionals: Individuals working in various capacities within the oil and gas sector, such as project managers, geologists, and field personnel.

  3. Health and Safety Personnel: Professionals responsible for ensuring safety standards in oil and gas operations, including health and safety officers and managers.

  4. New Entrants to the Industry: Individuals new to the oil and gas industry seeking a foundational understanding of well servicing.

  5. Training Coordinators: Professionals responsible for designing and implementing training programs.

  6. Service Company Personnel: Employees of companies providing well servicing equipment, tools, and technologies can gain insights into the needs and expectations of their clients in the drilling and well servicing sector and more!

Course curriculum of IADC Well Servicing 

Chapter 1 Servicing Fundamentals

Chapter 2 Pressure

Chapter 3 Well Processes

Chapter 4 Kicks

Chapter 5 Kick Detection

Chapter 6 Blowout Prevention System

Chapter 7 Kick Procedures

Chapter 8 Well Control Complications

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Download the IADC Course syllabus - 

Frequently asked questions

Who should take the IADC Well Servicing Introductory Course?

This course is built for new hires and non-technical personnel in the oil and gas industry. Specifically, the course is perfect for any new hires or office personnel focused on workover, completions, coiled tubing, wireline, and snubbing operations.

What will I learn?

The Introductory well servicing course covers all material required by the IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors), in their introductory well cap well-servicing program. Key topics include the reasons for well servicing operations, fundamental well pressures, wireline equipment and procedures, fluids, and trapped pressure complications.

Will I get a Well Control certificate?

After successfully completing the course and achieving a passing grade on the final Well Servicing test, you will receive an IADC Well Servicing Certificate at the introductory level. This certificate is recognized across the globe.

Do you offer any discounts for multiple students?

Yes! And we also price match all competitor pricing. Email us at

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