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HAZWoPER trainer

The online OSHA 40 Hour HAZWOPER course offers comprehensive training in emergency response tasks and managing cleanups/remediation at industrial sites, Superfund, and RCRA corrective action sites.

Participants will delve into topics such as hazard identification, exposure limits, and risk assessment for both chemical and general site safety consideration.

This course satisfies training requirements outlined in OSHA standards 29 CFR 1910.120(e) and (p) & 29 CFR 1926.65(e) and (p).

Industry-Recognized Certification

Compliance with OSHA Regulations

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Improved Workplace Safety

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Who should take the OSHA's 40-Hour HAZWOPER Training?

OSHA's 40-Hour HAZWOPER Training is recommended for individuals working in industries where there is a potential for exposure to hazardous substances. 

Some specific roles include:

a) Hazardous Waste Operators

b) Emergency Responders

c) Site Managers/Supervisors

d) Health and Safety Professionals

e) Waste Treatment and Disposal Workers

f) Laboratory Technicians
g) General labourers

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OSHA Recommendations

The HAZWOPER standards, as outlined by OSHA, encompass training requirements for individuals and employers engaged in five distinct categories of operations:

  • Government-Mandated Cleanup

  • Corrective Actions at RCRA Sites

  • Hazardous Waste Operations at TSD Facilities

  • Operations at Non-TSD Facilities Generating Hazardous Waste and

  • Covers emergency response actions addressing the potential release of hazardous substances.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will acquire the following competencies:

  • Grasp the purpose of OSHA and its pivotal role in overseeing occupational safety regulations.

  • Utilize Site Characterization techniques to identify workplace issues and devise measures for eliminating potential hazards.

  • Identify hazardous materials present in the workplace, comprehend exposure symptoms, and implement preventative measures effectively.

  • Promote the use of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for proper identification and handling of hazardous materials.

  • Familiarize oneself with materials, compounds, and mixtures posing flammable, explosive, chemical, or radiological hazards.

  • Emphasize the significance of personal protective equipment in minimizing exposure to hazardous elements.

  • Develop and implement an effective Site Control Program, limiting the risk of exposure exclusively to those working in designated hazardous zones.

  • Implement comprehensive procedures for the prompt and effective treatment of workers in the event of exposure to hazardous substances.

OSHA 40-Hour HAZWOPER Course curriculum 

Topic 1 - Course Overview
Topic 2 - OSHA and HAZWOPER Fundamentals 
Topic 3 - Toxicology and mitigation
Topic 4 - Hazards and types
Topic 5 - Physical Hazards 
Topic 6 - Walking and Working Surfaces

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Topic 7 - PPE and its importance
Topic 8 - Respiratory protection 
Topic 9 - Chemical Protection 

Topic 10 - Handling Waste site & cleanup
Topic 11 - Monitoring and Detection devices
Topic 12 - Equipment familiarization

40 Hour HAZWOPER Summary and

Frequently asked questions

1) What is the minimum score required to pass the HAZWOPER 40 hour training?

You need a minimum of 80% to get HAZWOPER 40Hr training certified.

2) What is HAZWOPER, and what does it stand for?

HAZWOPER stands for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. It is a set of standards issued by OSHA to protect workers engaged in hazardous waste operations.

3) Is the HAZWOPER 40-hour course mandatory?

While not mandatory for all workers, certain job roles involved in hazardous waste operations are required to complete the 40-hour HAZWOPER training.

4) How long is the HAZWOPER 40-hour course?

The course typically lasts for 40 hours, divided into specific modules covering various aspects of hazardous waste operations.

5) Can I take the HAZWOPER 40-hour course online?

Yes, many providers offer the HAZWOPER 40-hour course online. Ensure that the course is OSHA-approved and meets regulatory requirements.

6) Is there an expiration for HAZWOPER certification?

OSHA recommends refresher training every 12 months to maintain competency, especially for those involved in emergency response.


7) What is the difference between HAZWOPER and HAZMAT training?

HAZWOPER focuses on hazardous waste operations, while HAZMAT training encompasses the broader handling and transportation of hazardous materials.

8) What is the purpose of the hands-on training component?

Hands-on training allows participants to apply theoretical knowledge in simulated scenarios, enhancing their practical skills.

9) Are there any prerequisites for the HAZWOPER 40-hour course?

Generally, there are no specific prerequisites, but a basic understanding of workplace safety is beneficial.

10) How often should I renew my HAZWOPER certification?

OSHA recommends annual refresher training to ensure workers stay updated on best practices and regulations.

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OSHA - HAZWOPER 40 hr Training

OSHA HAZWOPER Online per 29 CFR 1910.120(e) and (p) &
29 CFR 1926.65(e) and (p)

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