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Coiled Tubing Simulator

Coming soon! We're building a Coiled Tubing simulator with our Virtual, AI instructor guiding your workforce through coiled tubing operations.

Each of our well servicing simulators includes access for 1 student for 1 year to go through the simulation as many times as desired. Purchasing gives you access to both the Offline version on your iPad/iPhone and the Web version on your PC/Laptop. 


What modules will be included in the simulator? 

Through this simulator, students will go through hundreds of different problem scenarios and coiled tubing contingencies during the coiled tubing deployment process. 

Some key modules include:

1. Coiled Tubing Rig-up and Rig-down (Equipment installation and removal, lubricator installation, BOP & injector lifting, downhole string removal)

2. Coiled Tubing gas lift 
3. Coiled Tubing sand removal and well cleanup 
4. Coiled Tubing liquid displacement 
5. Coiled Tubing acidizing 
6. Coiled Tubing fracturing 
7. Coiled Tubing fishing 

I need this today! Can you guys go faster? 

Yes! Send us an email. If you or your company have an immediate need for this solution, we can escalate it in our list of products and get it to you faster. Just let us know :)

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