Well Control Simulator of the future


  • IADC approved

  • Zero hardware required

  • AI instructor to teach & assess

  • Lowest cost in the industry

The best pricing in the industry

1 student at a time

  • Get unlimited simulation during class, and then limited refresher for 1 year.

  • Pay per student, as you need it!


200 students/year

  • Unlimited simulator practice & assessment in class & year-round

  • Pay $3,000 upfront for 200 students/year


500 students/year

  • Unlimited simulator practice & assessment in class & year-round

  • Pay $5,000 upfront for 500 students/year



No hardware, no hassle.

  • Any 3 iPhones, iPads, or Laptops = IADC approved simulator

  • No hardware purchase; download from the App Store

  • Bluetooth enabled --> no wires & no internet required! 

Unlimited simulator practice with an AI instructor

  • AI instructor to coach students

  • Every IADC & IWCF simulation​ w/ auto-grading & random scenarios

  • Unlimited simulator time for every student

Preview simulations before class.

Refresh simulations in the field.

  • Practice simulation exercises on smartphone before class

  • Refresh simulations in the field, in between 2-year training

  • Year-round competency - be ready when you need it!

Can this simulator replace the legacy simulators I currently use in my well control training program?

Our simulator meets all guidelines for classroom simulator use as detailed in the IADC WellSharp Well Control guidelines. It has been fully approved by the IADC, and IWCF approval is pending.

For classroom practice, every student can use our simulator to engage in classroom simulation exercises. For assessment, our simulators can be used with multiple devices in multiplayer mode where an assessor can monitor a student’s test with a Supervisor and another student as Driller.

To use our simulator to meet your classroom simulator requirements, simply list our simulator in your application or update for IADC accreditation.

Why is your simulator better than other simulators I've used in the past?

Unlike other simulator companies that rely on 1980s era technology, our simulator was built in 2018 – for the mobile age! Our simulator is truly a simulator for the modern era.

First, you can use our simulator on any device – iPad, iPhone, or any computer connected to the internet. As a result, you no longer have to rely on large, bulky, physical hardware that is difficult and expensive to transport. Our simulators are much more convenient to transport and use!

Second, our simulators have substantially less technical support required than any existing hardware simulators! Existing simulators are built on 1980s era technology and proprietary hardware that is challenging to use and difficult to fix when it goes wrong. We’re using devices that everyone is familiar with – if our simulator doesn’t work, just go to the Apple Store!

Third, our simulator lets students practice without having an instructor present! We have a Virtual Instructor build into our software system who walks students through simulation exercises with step-by-step hints and guidance. In the classroom, students get to see a fantastic instructor. But, when the instructor doesn’t have time or isn’t around, students can practice until perfect with our virtual instructor.

Lastly, our simulation lets you practice anywhere, anytime. Your students can do simulation exercises at home before class, in the classroom, and on the rig in between the 2-year well control cycle. Stop complaining about not having enough simulator time for each student! Now, everyone can have unlimited simulator time.

As a well control instructor, what control do I have over student simulation exercises?

As a well control instructor, you can set up a simulation with up to 10 pre-set configurations that meet IADC regulations. You can also create a custom well with custom well parameters, including piping sizes, kill problems, timing of the kick, and whether or not a float valve is in the well.

In addition, as a well control instructor, you can view a student activity log through every stage of the kill operation, including every single time the choke was manipulated and for how long. Detailed graphs show how pressures behave at each stage of the kill operation; these can be saved as PDF files for export.