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Drilling Games: Reviews of the Best

There are so many cool drilling games and oil games available free online! Let's take a look at some of the most popular and fun drilling games and review them in more detail.

Some drilling games are amazing because they're really fun; others are super accurate to the real oil-field. Others are educational and help you learn important drilling fundamentals! We've reviewed the 5 best drilling games we could find online.

1. Drilling Simulator Game

Brought to you by on the iPad, our free Drilling Simulator drilling game lets you start drilling, detect different drilling problems, and successfully solve them. Will you prevent oil spills from taking place and successfully drill your hole, or will you cause a disaster that devastates the environment and destroys all your profits? Only one way to find out!

2. Well Control Simulator Game

Brought to you by on the iPhone and iPad, our Well Control Simulator is a more technical drilling game focused on folks who have worked in the oilfield! You're in a drilling situation, and a kick has just occurred. What do you do? Simulate the steps of killing the well through Driller's Method, Wait and Weight Method, or just good old fashioned bullheading. An educational game but still a lot more fun than those boring classroom well control classes.

3. Oil Rush

This exciting drilling game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world of naval warfare. Defend your oil rigs and platforms from devastation by enemy navies, and build your navy using energy resources so you can take over the world.

4. Oligarchy

This game is about being an oil tycoon, plain and simple. In this game, you try to do whatever it takes to get rich by exploring oil reserves, taking advantage of the environment around you, and lobbying the political class. It's free and easy to play using your web browser!

5. Drillionaire

Out of all the drilling games on this list, this one is the most realistic but also perhaps the most fun. Drill through the ground and avoid monsters to collect minerals and make as much money as possible! It's free as well and easy to play online using your web browser.

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