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Global Well Control School: Asking questions

One of the biggest concerns regularly brought up about online well control training is that students cannot ask questions and cannot learn from other students. Advocates of classroom training like to claim that, in the classroom, a student has the ability to ask the teacher anytime he has a question.

In a classroom well control school, a student could also hypothetically learn from all the other students- unlike online well control training, where a student is forced to tackle everything himself. Learn to Drill has tried to tackle this problem in three distinct ways: a Discussion Forum, a Chat Room, and an email accessible instructor.

In the Learn to Drill discussion forum, a student has the option to ask any and all questions in an online discussion setting. The huge advantage here is that the student is no longer learning from just a small well control class of 5 students from, say, the same West Texas area. Instead, the student is learning from a global classroom of many different types of students from all over the world. A truly global well control school.

Why limit yourself to asking questions and sharing experiences with students who are just like you? The beauty of an online discussion forum is that we are no longer limited by boundaries. A driller from China can learn about cutting edge shale or HPHT techniques from a toolpusher in West Texas. A roughneck in Brazil can learn about different tripping techniques from a Saudi Arabian derrickman. The possibilities are immense! A discussion forum allows the creation of a global classroom.

In a classroom, students can only learn from the other five, ten, maybe twenty students in the well control school at that time. Online, a student can learn from every single student that has ever taken the course. A discussion forum is around forever. As more and more students take the course, as more and more students post well control questions, well control stories, and well control experiences on the discussion forum, it becomes a stronger and stronger resource for students. Since, the Learn to Drill forum is also easily searchable, so many of the most frequently asked questions could be searched for by students- and answered immediately!

Secondly, in case a student would like a more immediate answer, we also offer a Chat Room where a student can speak to any other student who is online at the same time. In this way, a chat room can be considered a lot like an actual classroom environment- except in a global well control school. Not only can the student get answers to a few questions; he can also make a friend from the international oil field! Lastly, if a student would like a more personal touch, we can also guarantee an instructor response to any emailed questions within a 24 hour period. The discussion forum and chat room are great resources, but we want to guarantee help and support in case any student needs it!

Third, if all else fails, we have IWCF and IADC well control instructors on staff to answer any other questions you may have.

Learn about our global well control school at:

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