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Well Control Graphics and Pictures

The Learn to Drill well control training program has hundreds of unique graphics, pictures, and animations throughout the course. Sure, these graphics are nice to look at, but how does it really help the student? Learn to Drill’s media content helps develop truly creative learning! How can we teach any concept in the simplest and most creative way possible?

Let us look at a few examples where Learn to Drill’s graphics have been able to teach well control concepts in really interesting ways. First, let us look at the concept of Formation Pressure. Learn to Drill has created a series of graphics that show a hypothetical well control instructor stuck deep underground. Then, students have to figure out what pressures are acting on the instructor- both before a well is drilled and after a well is drilled.

Through multimedia, we are able to break a complex concept down into simple pieces.

Let us look at another example: explaining the concept of shut-in. A difficult concept is how shutting in the well can stop a kick from occurring. The important concept to demonstrate is that, after shut in, bottomhole pressure is equal to formation pressure because of the downward acting pressure of the annular preventer.

Through multimedia, Learn to Drill offers an in-depth explanation of this concept by comparing it to a shaken soda bottle and soda bottle cap. By explaining these two concepts side by side, students can really visualize the role of the blow out preventer in restricted upward acting pressure- just like a bottle cap restricts upward acting soda. Graphics can really make any concept simple!

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