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Offshore Medic Jobs: A Complete Guide

Are you a certified nurse? Do you have plenty of experience working in a high-paced, highly stressful environment? Then why not consider employment as an offshore medic worker? Those who have spent time working in the medical field are perfect for the difficult, high-paced world of the oilfield. This industry can be extremely stressful, but if you have what it takes to be a nurse or emergency worker, than you probably have what it takes to work on an offshore drilling rig in an offshore medic job.

What to expect from Offshore Medic Jobs

It is important to clarify that you do not have to be a medical doctor to work as an offshore medic oil drilling worker. Although this is certainly a bonus, it is not a requirement that oil rig companies hold to. In fact, they are generally looking for nurses to fill their offshore medic jobs.

Similar to working as a full-time nurse, you will be on call 24/7 when you work on an oil rig. You will be responsible for taking care of the entire crew and will look after their health and safety at all times. Additionally, you will also be responsible for stocking medical equipment and ensuring that the rig has the proper medical supplies to take care of emergencies. You will also be responsible for taking charge of an evacuation if the situation presents itself. This makes you a very important person aboard any oil rig.

Interestingly, it wasn’t until recently that medics were added to the crew lineup on oil rigs and their presence has been met with some resistance. However, you should never underestimate the importance of your job on an offshore oil rig. Often times you are the only thing that stands between your crew members and fatal accidents. So while you can expect an exciting and purposeful working environment, you can also expect to face life-threatening situations during your career.

Compensation, hours, and hazard level for Offshore Medics

Another important area to discuss is the compensation, hours you can expect to work, and the hazard level of employment when working on an oil rig. Nurses and medics can expect to be well paid for their work. The average salary for offshore medic jobs runs around $120,000 per year. That is a serious increase from land-based nurses who earn around $65,000 per year. That compensation comes with a high level of hours, however.

The schedule for a certified oil rig medic or nurse usually runs in 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week, for 2 weeks in a row. That means you work 12 hours straight with the remaining 12 hours on call. That schedule is considered to be quite demanding given the situation. But if you are up to the task you can enjoy a long career with oil rig companies. You will also gain experience and build your resume with offshore medic jobs.

Prior to becoming an oil rig nurse, however, you must receive appropriate offshore training. There are several ways to gain this training, not the least of which is through online training programs. Generally, these programs simply involve gaining the proper certification required for offshore drilling rigs.

Best way to find an offshore medic job

Once you have decided that offshore medic jobs are right for you and your lifestyle, the next step is to find a job that suits you. Most offshore drilling companies work through recruitment firms to find people who are qualified for the work. These recruitment companies will read your resume to determine if you meet the requirements. If you don’t, you simply won’t hear back from them. If you do, the next step is to meet with the recruitment company and receive your assignment.

You can start on your new career path today by receiving the right offshore training you need to qualify for oil rig work. We recommend our FREE introduction to drilling course.

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