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Well Control Instructors - Use our Animations!

Are you a well control instructor? A huge benefit of Learn to Drill’s mobile well control training is that it can be a valuable supplement to a classroom well control training experience.

Let us look at a few examples.

First of all, the Learn to Drill course can be invaluable to let students review prerequisite material prior to starting a classroom well control school. Students in Introductory, Fundamental, and Supervisory Well Control courses can all refresh prerequisite concepts prior to the course. Introductory students can refresh fundamental math & science concepts


Fundamental & Supervisory students can refresh more advanced concepts, such as basic pressure concepts and kick theory. Students can refresh well control material on an iPad or iPhone while still on the rig or while traveling to the course. Less class time will be spent on refreshing material, and more time can be spent on the well control simulator.

Secondly, homework! Students can refresh material and do problems in between days, letting them come back to the well control school full of questions. Classroom time can be reduced significantly and optimized to focus on spending time on the simulator. Students can do homework on the iPhone or iPad while back home. More classroom time spent on the simulator!

Thirdly, we could help develop an enhanced Well Control Manual; a next-generation manual to take anywhere, anytime. Enhancing a print Well Control manual, students finished with the course can receive access to a rotating bank of animations and other multimedia content that they can refresh and review whenever they need to. Students can easily access the content on the rig, in the car, or anywhere where they may have access to a smartphone or tablet.

Fourth, use our Well Control Simulator for a better alternative to DS & CS simulators!

Please contact us at to discuss partnership opportunities!


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