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Stacks of Coins

Be a Super Friend
Earn $100 and discounts!

1. Refer our courses to your friends


Steps to earn

2. Your friend(s) purchase the course(s)


3. You get $100 & your friend gets $10 off on the purchase

happy friends

Submit to get started

Thanks for submitting! Our representative will reach out to you
Frequently asked questions(FAQ):
2) How do I get the money?

1) Is this for everyone?

The payment will be made via PayPal, hence this chance is currently available for PayPal approved countries. However, if you have your referal ready, reach us at

Once our representative enrolls your referance(s) into the course, you will be paid $100 to your PayPal

3) How frequently can I register the student(s)?

Each person can help register students once each month. There is no limit on how many students your register.

5) Can any course be counted for a referral?

4) Is there a limit on how many students I help register?

There is no limit on the students you bring in. Infact, enrolling more students mean you can increase your earning by 5% for each registration more than 5

Courses that costs $199 and more will only be counted

For more details, contact us :

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