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Workplace Attitude

This online Worksite Attitude safety course training ensures basic safety considerations when working on a rig.


If you are particularly looking for only basic safety principles safety training while working on a rig, then this is a perfect course for you. 

learntodrill certificate

Receive a LearnToDrill certificate

Receive a certificate of competency in the Workplace Attitude Safety course from LearnToDrill.

Available to print or email immediately after course completion.


How does the course work?

Our entire Worksite Attitudes Safety course is 100% online. Highly informative and quality content on Worksite Attitude Safety course training. Top-level information provided with actual images on the rig platform. Easy to understand. Take our online course- Anytime! Anywhere! 

Once you make a purchase you will have 90 days to complete our course online. 

What will I learn?

The course covers all concepts in the RigPass course topic Basic Safety concepts approved by the IADC. Key topics include Alcohol & Drug Policies, Personal Conduct, and General Worksite Safety. See detailed outline below.

What type of Certificate will I get?

After successfully completing the course and achieving a passing grade on the Worksite Attitudes exam you will receive a LearnToDrill certificate.   

Worksite Attributes Course Curriculum

1. General Safety Principles-   General Safety Principles topic covers Workplace Injuries and Company Reputation concepts.

2. Alcohol and Drug Policies- Alcohol and Drug Policies topic covers concepts of Prescription Medicines, Different company policies on Drugs.

3. Firearms, Weapons, and Other Prohibited Items- This topic explains various workplace policies regarding weapons and       Firearms.

4. Personal Conduct- The Key topics covered in Personal Conduct topic are Respect for Coworkers and Workplace Violence, and Horseplay in the Workplace.

5. General Worksite Safety- The General Worksite Safety includes topics on Worksite Hazards, Stop Work Escalations, Job Safety Analysis, and many more.

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